Al'Fez Recipes


Harissa Glazed BBQ Chicken with Preserved Lemons

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes
Serves: 4 (Main course)


200g Chicken breast fillets

6 tsp Al’Fez Harissa

8 tsp clear honey

2 Garlic cloves

1 tbsp olive oil

Al’Fez Preserved Lemons (quartered)

1 Lemon

1 Bunch of fresh coriander



Preheat grill to high. Mix the Harissa and honey in a bowl. Add chicken breasts and coat. Fry crushed garlic in olive oil and add chicken pieces individually to the pan. Fry on a medium heat turning occasionally. Remove chicken from the pan, place on a baking tray and coat with the remainder of the harissa and honey dressing. Add preserved lemons to the tray and place under a hot grill, turning chicken after 10 minutes. Grill for a further 10 minutes until the chicken appears chargrilled and cooked through. Slice glazed fillets and garnish with lemon zest and chopped coriander.


Serving Suggestion: Serve with roasted vegetables and Al’Fez Couscous